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The First 50

Understand and protect our heritage to keep our values at the core of who we are.
“A nation that knows not its past has neither a present nor a future.”
Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

The UAE has a rich and vibrant history that extends more than just 50 years

Historic Sites

Qasr Al Hosn

“Qasr Al Hosn, one of the oldest and most significant historical landmarks in Abu Dhabi was built in 1790 and holds the city’s first permanent structure, a watchtower. The fort is also the ancestral home of our Founding Father. Today, Qasr Al Hosn is a museum that stands as the nation’s living memorial and welcomes tourists from all over the world.”

Historic Sites

Dhow Yard

“Dhow Yard, situated in Ajman, is the largest dhow construction yard in the world. Dhows have always been an important part of UAE culture, dating back to the pearl diving era. Today, Dhow Yard is a heritage site where visitors can explore the nation’s history and get a glimpse into the craft of dhow making.”

Historic Sites

Hili Archaeological Park

“Hili Archaeological Park, located just outside of Abu Dhabi’s garden city, was built to shine a light on Al Ain’s ancient monuments and is home to the earliest known evidence of an agricultural village in the UAE. Now, the park serves as a popular place for international visitors and residents to explore Al Ain’s rich history.”

Historic Sites

Al Bidya Mosque

“Al Bidya Mosque, located in Fujairah, dates back to the 15th century and is one of the oldest mosques in the UAE. Today, this historical landmark tells the stories of ancient civilisations and gives us a glimpse of the innovative engineering of the past.”

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