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His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Mohamed Al Sharqi

Supreme Council Member, Ruler of Fujairah

Government of Fujairah
His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi , Ruler of Fujairah
On the 50th Anniversary of the UAE Union

The UAE has made giant strides in establishing a society rooted in education, knowledge, sciences, culture and knowledge information exchange while working towards the best interests of its people. Since its formation, the UAE has established itself as a benchmark of success and exemplary leadership. The vision of the UAE’s Founding Fathers, led by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, was achieved by encouraging peaceful dialogue and cultural exchange with diverse groups of people, various cultures, religions and civilizations of the world.
The UAE has continuously supported the youth and empowered them to shape the future. It has promoted a sense of leadership and instilled confidence to carry their responsibilities to work and innovate. Many youth initiatives have been launched to reflect the state’s vision. These aimed to promote and cultivate a sense of pride in the national identity and maintain cultural pillars that distinguish the UAE society.
These initiatives were also intended to encourage youth to stand up for their homeland and defend their nation. It is the UAE youth that sacrificed their lives for their country. They are the most courageous of all. They are loved by their countries and cherished by their mothers.
Today, our leaders’ vision and effective governance have helped us build a prosperous state that adopts soft diplomacy, encourages dialogue and believes in cultural exchange while promoting international cooperation and prosperity.
The UAE is moving towards excellence, the future is ours. With the high spirits of our people, a vision that knows no limits and an unwavering sense of determination, we are sure to overcome all obstacles and march confidently towards a brighter future.
Fifty years have passed since the establishment of our beloved country. We must now prepare for the next 50 years of development. This will require us to be vigilant to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. We aim to invest in the people of this country in all capacities and provide them with an environment that is socially welcoming, economically attractive, culturally rich, and one that adopts the values of tolerance and mutual respect. Naturally, we do not overlook the role of the residents of the UAE, who stood side by side with its citizens to help build a prosperous and developed state that promotes love and tolerance.