29 March 2022

Faces to Watch

As part of the Year of the 50th celebrations, the UAE’s Golden Jubilee Committee announced its latest initiative, Faces to Watch. The initiative invited those who call the UAE home to submit stories of them working towards realising projects that positively impact the UAE’s future. The campaign focuses on the untold stories of individuals who are playing an influential part in shaping the UAE’s present and contributing to UAE Centennial 2071.

Dr. Ali Al Hammadi

Ursa Major | Space, AI 

Ursa Major is a constellation of very-high-resolution satellites complemented with special-purpose bands and AI chips, planned to be launched by 2023. Ursa Major aims to be the first Arab constellation to enable continuous sub-daily monitoring of various activities through its hyperspectral bands. Ursa Major Constellation aims to enhance border security, track illegal activities, provide up-to-date statistics, enhance maritime domain awareness, and quicker response.


Ahmed Mubarak Al Mansoori

Shozen Cars Trading | Entrepreneurship, clean energy

Shozen Cars Trading is a commercial complex that operates on 50% renewable and clean energy, launched in 2024. The project specialises in car spare parts, maintenance stations and car cleaning stations. The complex also includes a factory to assemble electrical and mechanical car parts and a specialised training institute.

Reem Ismaeil Musabbeh

Esaal | FinTech, AI

Esaal is user-friendly receipt management and advanced real-time expense tracker technology powered by AI. It is scheduled to launch in mid-2022. Esaal enables users to save time and do more by converting receipts into a functional marketing canvas.

Abdulla Salem Al Dhaheri

Science, Technology

An innovator and certified trainer at the age of 13, he has several innovations and has presented many workshops and courses in designing and programming robots and 3D printing. His creations include a sensor car, an electronic guard, a child safety gate, a robotic lift and a robot called Aman.

Asma Aylan Al Hameli

Art & Culture

An encyclopedia of the UAE’s heritage and history is scheduled to be launched by 2022.
This project illustrates the history and rich heritage of the nation through sketches and drawings that shed light on the intricate details of the history of the UAE.

Mahra Al Neyadi, Meera Al Dhaheri,
Mariam Al Blooshi, Amna Al Hammadi

4Bits | Technology, AI

4Bits is an Emirati semi-autonomous delivery robots company that delivers goods and food outdoor (i.e. parks, residential complexes, universities). The robot will rely on cameras (AI – computer vision) and GPS. The first robot will be released and launched in Spring 2023.

Mishaal Al Marzooqi

Mechatronics Vocational Training Center | Science

Mechatronics Vocational Training Center is the first training centre to train technical cadres to compete in Emirates Skills and WorldSkills. It is scheduled to be launched in 2022 or 2023 and aims to provide the younger generations with specialised scientific skills.

Year of the 50th