27 October 2021

‘Imagining Your Future’: the Year of the 50th Launches School Kits

In line with The Year of the 50th celebrations, the UAE Golden Jubilee Committee has launched ‘Imagining Your Future’, an online school kit that encourages students to participate in the nationwide celebrations through creative decorations and arts and crafts. 

All students and schools in the UAE are encouraged to download the free school kit, which includes printable stickers, decorations, postcards, stencils and desk tags from www.UAEYearOf.ae/school


The free school kit also includes a postcard which the students can use to write a letter to their future selves detailing their plans for the next 50 years. The postcards can then be presented to the students as a nostalgic keepsake upon graduation.  

This e-school kit serves as a resourceful tool that aims to inspire the younger generation to creatively learn about the values that have guided the journey of the UAE in the last 50 years and expand their knowledge about the country they call home. 

Schools, educators and parents alike are encouraged to participate in the nationwide celebration of the UAE’s Golden Jubilee and make use of these kits – which include decorative hanging elements that represent objects unique to the UAE – to educate young minds about the country’s history and culture.  

‘Imaging Your Future’ is the latest initiative by the UAE Golden Jubilee Committee, which governs year-long initiatives, activities and grand celebrations for all those who call the UAE home. 

Year of the 50th