06 October 2021



As the UAE opens its doors to Expo 2020 Dubai, there is budding curiosity about the National Pavilion. How does a country that emphasises human progress, coexistence and transformation choose to represent itself at this global event? 


Human development is at the heart of the UAE’s progress; the soul of this place lies in its most valuable asset: the people. The UAE recognises the contributions of all those who helped shape what it is today and wants to tell the stories that matter. The stories that pay homage to all those early dreamers, who brought new ideas to life in the UAE, gave hope for the future and diversified the economy. It also tells the story of future achievers, individuals from diverse backgrounds who actively build the future, honour the UAE’s culture, and inspire the next generation.

As a nation of Dreamers Who Do, the UAE Pavilion thus takes a human-centric approach and tells the story of these early dreamers and future achievers through a unique, multi-sensory and immersive experience. A unified nation that is home to over 200 nationalities, the UAE’s foundation is rooted in history as a crossroads for people, trade and ideas to come together and flourish. The UAE Pavilion aims to evoke a collective sense of ambition and encourage people from all over the world to connect and collaborate with the UAE to shape the future.

 Designed by world-renowned architect Dr Santiago Calatrava, the architectural design of the UAE Pavilion draws inspiration from the vision of the falcon – the national bird of the UAE – and has 28 movable wings. The UAE Pavilion reflects the UAE’s identity and pioneering spirit while cultivating a balance and connection between the country’s past and future while ensuring sustainable design practices. 

Cultural and traditional values are the guiding principles upon which the Founding Fathers built the nation. Thus the stories of individuals that embody the spirit of the nation and carry forward the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan are central to the theme of the pavilion. Come, listen to their stories, hear their voices and reimagine the future. 

For more information, visit: https://uaepavilionexpo.com/


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