11 October 2021

The Remarkable Story of Dana and Adeeb

Siblings Dana and Adeeb Alblooshi are making history – or the future – depending on how you look at it! By the time he was six years old, Adeeb Alblooshi had developed a robotic vacuum cleaner for his mother. At seven, he invented a prosthetic leg for his father. By the time he turned 14, Adeeb had applied for seven patents and had over 100 awards to his name. At 17, Adeeb is the CEO of his own company, which hosts workshops and leadership programmes promoting social harmony and knowledge-sharing. 

At 15, Dana Alblooshi is the youngest Emirati to train at NASA, and the UAE’s youngest ever author, having published her debut book at the age of 13. She has received eleven certificates and two gold medals and aspires to be an astronaut in the future. This year, the UAE announced its first female astronaut, who says she dreamed of going to space since the age of five. For Dana to have graduated NASA’s space university at a young age speaks to her passion and ambition and the commitment of the leadership towards supporting their people. The UAE aspires to create a widespread culture of innovation, and young prodigies such as Dana and Adeeb are the trailblazers turning this vision into a reality. 

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