Naraindas Tekwani

RELATIONSHIP: My Grandfather

I am Pavan Tekwani; I was born in India, and educated in Dubai at the Indian High School. Today, I want to share about 2 of the early dreamers and inspirational members of my family. The Tekwani Family has been here for almost 50 years, just as the UAE was formed. One of my most fond memories was when our family visited the Al Fahidi Fort, one of the most Historical places in UAE.
It all started with My Late Grandfather Naraindas Tekwani, who joined as the first team member of one of the oldest companies in the UAE, known as INMA LLC, established in 1972. He dedicated 20 years to this company and retired, having started his family in the UAE. My father, Pravin Tekwani completed 50 years in UAE and dedicated 35 years in the Airport and Aviation Industry.
My grandfather witnessed the beginning of the UAE; he was an early dreamer who dreamt for my father's future. On the other hand, my father witnessed the current success of the UAE, and in a way, was an early dreamer of my future.

Will power

The essence of Hard work, Loyalty, and Responsibility

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