Ashraf Al-Tayeb Al-Badawi Madwi

COURTESY Ashraf Al Tayeb

Al-Tayeb Al-Badawi Madawi Muhammad is an architect and city planner. He received a bachelor’s degree with honors in Architecture from the College of Engineering, University of Khartoum in 1968, and a Diploma in Planning from University College London, University of London in 1972.

Between 1968 until 1970, he worked in the Ministry of Works in Khartoum where he supervised the work on government buildings, before moving to the Ministry of Housing to work as a city planner from 1971 until 1977. In 1975, he became Head of the Department of Planning and Development of Cities and Provinces.

In the summer of 1977, he arrived to Abu Dhabi and headed straight to Al-Ain where he and his family lived for 44 years.

He started off as a project manager in CONCER Consulting Engineering Services from 1977 until 1979, where he supervised popular housing projects in Al-Ain. He later on moved in 1979 to work in the Department of City Planning in Al-Ain.

He is one of the early dreamers, who laid the foundations of the country’s various state institutions. He was the first head of the Services Section at the Department of City Planning in Al-Ain. At that time, everything concerned with services was managed by the Land Section at the Department.

When he assumed his position at the Services Section, he began structuring it and defining its tasks. The support from Dr. Al-Badri Omar Ilyas, Director of the Department of City Planning in Al-Ain, to establish the Services Section had a great impact on his work. He was able to assign two of the employees at the Department, a painter and a surveyor, to join the section permanently.

As the head of the Services Section, he was also a rapporteur for the Services Committee and for Al-Ain Traffic Committee.

One of the main tasks of the department was to determine the locations and paths for services in Al-Ain city and its suburbs. Accordingly, the section installed services and planned for new ones.

The section, in cooperation with the Traffic Committee, carried out an evaluative study on planting trees in traffic islands and their impact on traffic. The study found that trees must not exceed 120 centimeters in height if planted in traffic islands in areas closest to roundabouts so as not to block the drivers’ view. The Gardens Section immediately began implementation.

Another study conducted by the section in collaboration with the Services Committee was on the possibility of establishing a unified tunnel that includes most of the services and is covered with panels of heavy-duty reinforced cement, which can be assembled and disassembled when maintenance work is being carried out avoiding any excavation work and their negative effects. Accordingly, a delegation headed by His Excellency Abdullah Hassan Hamarain, Vice-President of the Department of Water and Electricity; and comprising Ali Humaid Al-Shamsi, Deputy Director of Al-Ain Municipality, and Al-Tayeb Badawi, Head of the Services Section and rapporteur of the Services Committee, visited Kuwait. The country was known for its expertise in the field and the visit allowed for experience-sharing. A report on the visit was submitted to the Services Committee.

Al-Tayeb Badawi was also Acting Head of the Lands Section when its head was on leave.

While working at the Department of City Planning, Al-Tayeb participated in the committee established by Dr. Al-Badri Omar Ilyas to prepare studies and initial plans for the development of Al-Ain and its suburbs.

Al-Tayeb also had the honor of working as an Associate Professor in the Department of Architecture at the College of Engineering at UAE University.

In 1981, he left the Department of City Planning in Al-Ain to establish Space Engineering Consulting in partnership with a group of people and in continued collaboration with Sheikh Muslem Bin Ham Al-Ameri. Sheikh Muslem played a vital role in supporting the office, which went on to implement several housing and commercial projects between 1981 and 2012. For 12 consecutive years, the office implemented projects in Al-Ain city and its suburbs.

Some of the projects implemented by the office include the commercial building of Al-Amal Bakery, which is owned by Nayel Rashid Al-Shamsi and is located west of Al Jimi Mall; Universal Commercial Building owned by Shabib Mohammed Al- Dhaheri; and the Majlis (councils) of His Highness Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Muhammad Al Qasimi; and the residential complexes of Sheikh Mubarak Bin Juma Ali Bahwan. The office also prepared the Arabic translation of the Al-Ain Master Plan Report prepared by the consultant Shankland Cox.

Since 2012, Al-Tayeb’s work has been focused on real estate.
Al-Tayeb extends his gratitude and thanks to the honorable sheikhs, and to the citizens and residents whose support was an incentive that helped him realize these achievements and contribute to the rise of this great country.

He also notes that his family has always been his biggest supporter— his wife, Hoda Bashir Al-Tijani Abu Qusaisah, and his sons and daughters who followed his footsteps, each excelling in the field they chose to contribute to the growth of the UAE.

His daughter, Fairuz, graduated with a bachelor’s in electrical engineering from UAE University and a Diploma in Programming from Harriot Watt University in Dubai. She is currently working in Al-Ain Distribution Company.

His son, Ashraf Al-Tayeb, graduated with a bachelor’s in medical physics from UAE University, and a master’s in medical physics from Universiti Malaya. He currently works as a physics instructor at the Institute of Applied Technology in Al-Ain.

His daughter, Hiba Al-Tayeb, graduated with a bachelor’s in management information systems from UAE University and had worked in the private sector.

His son-in-law, Ibrahim Abdul Rahman Mohammed, graduated with a bachelor’s in computer science from UAE University. He worked as an IT Coordinator at Al-Gharbiya hospitals in Zayed City and in Injazat prior to joining the private sector.

Hi grandson, Ahmed Ibrahim Abdul Rahman, is following in their footsteps.

Al-Tayeb Al-Badawi always pays tribute to the city of Al-Ain— the green oasis that welcomed him and his family with open arms for the past 44 years and continues to do so.

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