Mr. Inchathudyil Chacko Chacko (IC Chacko)

COURTESY Lisa Susan Surjit
RELATIONSHIP: My Grandfather

Around 45 years ago, my grandfather arrived here in the UAE- a land where people with dedication and tolerance witnessed UAE's rising. He was a person with aspirations that never grew old. The kind of relation and connection he had with the people of UAE inspired my family and me as we keep hearing stories of his success and growth being a part of this nation. I believe it is because of my grandfather's efforts and strength that today his children and grandchildren continue to live, work hard and grow consistently. There's always something special when my father speaks about how my grandfather lived here in the UAE, which always makes me realize the blessings, achievements, and values rooted deeply in my family, gifted by this nation!

My grandfather gives me every day a reason to think of him and be inspired by his character and when you know that this person is God gifted, you never stop yourself from being inspired!

I have learnt to be a better human being every day and my grandfather has proved that there's no stopping from learning everyday to be a better version than what you were yesterday. Today I can see my grandfather in my father, teaching me what humanity, tolerance and dedication means and that's something I carry with me wherever I go and whatever I will be tomorrow.

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