Leila Yehya

COURTESY Reem Afridi

My mother and father moved to the UAE on the same date (Coincidently) 45 years ago. they have seen the progress of UAE and how it transformed so quickly in a blink of an eye and watched it evolve. My father was a devoted Cardiologist working as an Officer in the Armed Forces Hospital, who dedicated his life to helping anyone that came through his door and showing them care and respect no matter where they came from. "We Learn from Baba Zayed" is what he used to say.

My mother is a stay at home wife and mother of 7 children. Her passion is cooking for the family and spoiling her grandsons. She loves to welcome and feed anyone who is new in the country and to share her experiences with them to help them settle in.
my mother and father worked very hard every day of their lives to raise a family of 7. my father passed away years ago and left my mother to raise 7 kids on her own. It was difficult, but we are so proud and thankful for her.

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