C. K. George Kutty

COURTESY Stephen K. George

My dad had come to UAE back in 1990 and was in search of his passion in the UAE where he knew he could achieve them. Through struggles and stressful situations, my dad worked his way and made his connections by earning the trust of his clients and then finally working in the CBUAE.

He started off in Dubai, where his older brother, who had come before, could help him. He took his first steps and started working for an interior design consulting firm. I remember sitting down on the sofa with my cup of coffee and my dad explaining to me how he got in finally for CBUAE and was happy every single day.

My dad had worked day and night with literally 3-4 hours of sleep and used to stay at a sharing room wherein those 3-4 of sleeping time he had; he had to help with the cooking too because he believed in the importance of collective effort.
He continued to work this hard for a year, juggling between so many clients and making sure they had everything they needed. And this is my favourite part of the story: one day, my dad received a call from a person who was working in CBUAE who loved the work that he has done, and he said: "George, your work is loved over here, and we would love for you to join us", I could see the joy and tears in my dad's eyes while telling the story. My dad went in for the interview, and they offered him the job, and my oh my! There's not a single day I woke up to my dad even thinking of not going in to work; he was always grateful for doing what he loves every day.
Being witness to this, I am now hoping that I will have a story as beautiful as his to tell my kids.
I was born and brought up here, and my dad made that happen for me, and UAE helped him achieve that. My father would sit in the car while driving and always tell me with a smile, "we are so grateful to this country and for what it has given us".
Honestly, I can't think about not calling this place my home, it is home, and I will forever be grateful for what the country has given us.

Every day I would wake up, and not one day would my dad let me be worried; he would always tell me to relax and say the tough times will pass; it's just a moment of sadness, not a lifetime. The courage, determination & level of execution will always be remembered, and I work every day to try to be a little like him. UAE has really been a blessing, and I can't even explain how thankful I am. Through every decision, they have made it thinking about their citizens. God bless this country for generations and generations to come.

That dreams may take time to achieve but at one point you will get them and you will be rewarded for your efforts. For every night you skip your sleep is another 5 years of peaceful sleep coming your way one day.

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