C Bhaskaran Nair

COURTESY Biju Soumini
RELATIONSHIP: My Father in Law

When my father in law dreamt of coming to the UAE, it was two years before Dubai Tourism launched the first Dubai Shopping Festival, and before Global Village opened its doors for the first time, which was held at Dubai Creek at the time.

As a former Indian army captain who dreamt of coming to the UAE since his retirement, my father in law’s journey started when he first landed at Fujairah Airport in 1994. My father in law has a powerful mind and is always focused on his goals. Hence, after two years of working odd jobs in Dubai, he started finding success and invited me to come to the UAE.

I got a visit visa and found a job immediately with his Emirati sponsor Abdulla Al Amri, a sharp engineer and businessman. Slowly, we built our lives and careers together.

It is difficult to reflect on the olden days and stories of success without him. My father-in-law inspired me to be strong.

A very strong mind to be focus on your own goal

Live in hardship and do not give up until you successful

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