COURTESY Anjela Mathew

My mom fought and beat cancer
An MBA and marketing faculty, she started a breast cancer awareness campaign called Protect your mom international in 2011 to make sure all moms beat cancer

Today her campaign has has won several National and International Awards including from the President of India . She was nominated for the Emirates Woman Awards in 2011 and 2012 and won the Health Awards UAE in 2016. She has inspired over 150 schools to create awareness about breast cancer in UAE. But the most important achievement is that her campaign has saved 4 lives by making kids ‘pester their moms” to take the early signs seriously

She also started Hair for Hope India , the first national hair donation campaign in India which was actually born in the UAE in 2011. A quick look at her facebook page, hair for hope india will show that 5 to 10 people donate daily and it is still the biggest and most reputed hair donation campaign although she runs it without any staff and funds.She has held a number of events in association with schools, colleges, churches etc in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.Hair donated in UAE goes to FOCP, Sharjah but invariably inspired by Hair for hope India.

500000 lives are lost to breast cancer every year. Statistically one out of 8 ladies are at risk. Early detection could increase the survival rates to 95%.Mothers are usually too busy to check for lumps and early signs even if they are aware of the symptoms. Most of them ignore it till cancer spreads and becomes fatal. So Premi Matew took an unusual route- through children. A cancer survivor and an MBA with decades of teaching experience, Premi urges children as young as 9 to pester their moms to check for early signs of breast cancer. Over 150 schools and Colleges in India and UAE have held events to support the movement .
In 2013 she officially launched Hair for hope India in India .Hair for Hope India is the first national campaign to create awareness about hair donation in a country steeped in tradition, where the length of hair is a measure of a woman’s beauty!. Awareness was zero and all cultural values were against it. Today hair for hope India is the most respected brand in the category .Boys from over 10 schools in Dubai have also donated hair as it is a unique way of helping cancer patients without money.The hair donated is converted into wigs and given free of cost to cancer patients to give them to strength to fight the disease. A lot of Indian women lose their confidence when they lose their hair and find it tough to face society with dignity. Today thousands of wigs have been donated as NGOs around the country joined the movement.
What is beautiful is that both the campaigns are run by students as young as 8 mostly from UAE who organize events at their own schools at zero cost.
First aid for cancer patients
Cancer comes like a death sentence. For many ladies life ends with that diagnosis. It is a taboo to speak about cancer and cancer patients hide it even from their family and avoid revealing it even after winning the war.

The best way of killing cancer is to destroy the fear that surrounds it. Because it is when u lose hope that you die mentally and that should not happen to any cancer patient anywhere in the world. And that is why 7 cancer survivors hit the stage at the Indian Consulate Dubai in 2020! To prove that indeed there is life after cancer. To inspire those who are fighting the battle now and tell the world that yes, indeed there is life after cancer. The journey is long , but yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The event hit all headlines at Dubai.
I believe such events are more powerful than marathons because it drives home the importance of early detection and dispels the fear surrounding the disease. This was the first such event exclusively by Indians in Dubai and I feel it should be replicated all over the world to win the war on cancer
Protect your mom page has a unique collection of stories of survivors to inspire cancer patients and assure them that there is life at the end of the tunnel
The fact the she is an MBA and ex Marketing Faculty has given her the experience in dealing the students even as she avenges cancer in her own special way

Because she never gave up although I myself thought it was a wild idea to beat breast cancer with "pester power"

That nothing is impossible!

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