K.G.Sasikumaran Nair

COURTESY Vijayalekshmi
RELATIONSHIP: Mr K.G.Sasikumaran Nair

My husband worked in the UAE as a front-liner from 1975 to 2002. His dedication to his medical profession was evident throughout his life.

In 1983, I married the Late Mr K.G.Sasikumaran Nair; at that time, he was working as an Anesthetic Technician in Al Corniche Hospital, Abudhabi.
He came to the UAE as a young man of 23 in the year 1973. Like many other young men in India, he too dreamt about securing a good job in the Gulf. However, being a Homeo practitioner, it wasn't easy to get a job that matched his profile, especially in the early years of the UAE's history. Finally, after two years of searching for the right job, he joined Al Ruwais Hospital. It did not take long for him to earn appreciation from his superiors for his hard work and dedication.
After a few years, he secured a better job at Al Corniche Hospital in Abu Dhabi.
I still treasure his first gift, a wristwatch, which he gifted me on our wedding eve.
He constantly stressed the importance of education, and he compelled me to secure a degree, and his encouragement made me complete my master's degree.
Life improved for us, but still, he worked day and night to secure his family. I had the opportunity to work in the UAE exchange Center in Abu Dhabi for few years. Eventually, our children's education demanded we move back to Kerala. All the luxuries were available for us back home, but he continued to work in Abu Dhabi.
He decided to retire in 2002 when he started having some health issues. He spent some peaceful years with us and passed away in 2011.
Today, as a retired bank manager and grandmother to my grandchildren, I still cherish every small moment with him. Thanks to the UAE, all his dreams were fulfilled.

He always loved what he did and never ever complained of his tiresome schedules.

The dreams you see with your eyes open can easily reached within your hands by passion, hard work and dedication.

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