Mirza Abid Baig

COURTESY Mirza Asim Baig

The 1970s were the beginning of a new era with the union and formation of The United Arab Emirates. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan was one of the earlier countries to recognise and establish relationships with the newly formed UAE formally. It was around this time when The Embassy of the UAE was inaugurated in Islamabad, where my father, Mirza Abid Baig, was hired.
It was an exciting time, a time of vast and fast-paced developments within and for the UAE, under the unique wisdom, vision, and guidance of the father of the nation, the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. At the historic OIC Summit of 1974, held in Lahore, Pakistan, my father attended the Secretary's capacity, Embassy of UAE. Here he met Sheikh Zayed, along with many prominent world leaders and dignitaries of the time.
Soon after this, my father was offered employment in Abu Dhabi and accepted a position at The Department For Personal Affairs for the President, UAE. He had the privilege to work for, interact with, travel with members of the ruling family in those years. Many times, he handled projects and assignments from and for the Al Nahyan family. His tenure with The Private Department also engaged with entities like The Diwan Al Amiri and Amiri Flight.
Due to the confidential nature of his work and being a quiet person by nature, my father never spoke much about his work. When he rarely mentions or reminisce smilingly about those years, it is with great respect for his employers, colleagues and always with a prayer for the late Sheikh Zayed and the well-being of Al Nahyan family.

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