Khalfan Al-Murr

RELATIONSHIP: My grandfather

My late grandfather Khalfan Al-Murr was the first-ever Emirati broadcaster. He presented programmes on the first official radio station in the Emirates—the Royal Air Force Radio of the Trucial Emirates Forces.

He also worked in Sawt Al-Sahel radio station in Sharjah, launched in late 1964, and broadcasted to Kuwait and Oman. The radio station used to receive 200 letters a day. Source: The British Archives

I did not get to see my grandfather, for he passed away before I was born. I learned about him and his life from my family, neighbours and people who lived with him and knew of his legacy. He left a legacy of commitment, hard work and loyalty. My grandmother always told me that I remind her of him with my love and passion for media, especially when His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi described me as the youngest Emirati journalist. My grandmother always told me to do good in society and set an excellent example for my peers, children, and youth, just as my grandfather did.

I am delighted and proud that my grandfather had an impact that profoundly contributed to the building of this good country even before establishing the Union. He is an inspiration to me because he was the first-ever Emirati broadcaster on Sawt Al-Sahel radio channel. Today, I am the youngest Emirati journalist, and I strive to walk in his footsteps and preserve this legacy and the legacy of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

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