The Year of the 50th

Together Towards 2071

The Year of the 50th commemorates 50 years since the nation’s founding in 1971 and celebrates our remarkable journey from the past to today, and towards the transformative change that lies ahead in the next 50 years.

The Time of the Early Dreamers

Early Dreamers Story

The UAE we see today is the result of the determination and creativity of our Early Dreamers.

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Tell Your Story

Help us find the unsung heroes of your family. Share your stories about the Early Dreamers of our nation.

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For the Dreamers of Today

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for a special message in honour of the UAE’s 50th National Day.

Letters to the Future

Our dreams come true if we put them in writing. Now it’s your turn – write a letter to your future self!

Write Your Letter

Letters by Dreamers

Let yourself be inspired by submitted letters.

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Until the 50th UAE National Day

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